Prosirvity  [ Pro - Serve - i - tee ] Prosperity through Service

Our Mission is to continuously strive for and achieve true Prosperity for our clients and ourselves.  We measure this Prosperity by the amount of time we are able to do what we value most.  And, we accomplish our Prosperity Mission through the accumulation of what we call income “Engines” or as others would say Assets.

For us, Engines / Assets are defined as anything that produces a current income stream.   However, there are good engines and ones we try to avoid.  We measure the value of an Engine by the by the amount of time, energy and stress required to produce the income stream. 

Obviously, the less time, energy and stress the better the engine.   The goal is to build a portfolio of Passive Income Engines or "PIE's" as we like to call them (everybody loves pie)!   Most others probably would refer to them as passive income producing assets.

Ultimately, true Prosperity is achieved through the accumulation of PIE's that allow us to live the life we desire because we have the time and means to do so.

How We Serve You

Selling, Buying & Start Ups

We help with buying and selling engines / assets whether it's real estate, investments or our preferred engine, which would be businesses.  For us, we focus on creating Prosperity through accumulating businesses that are Passive Income Engines.  In fact, we love building businesses into passive income machines!   Thus, we can lend our expertise to any type of purchase, sale and/or start up.

Funding / Dealmaking

The Means to acquire and grow your business is a critical element on your Road to Prosperity.  Of course, our Mission is to help our clients utilize none of their own money when growing their business or making acquisitions even if they have the capital to do so.  To us, Money is King and should be protected and preserved at all cost.  Leveraging Other People's Money (OPM) is how Generational Wealth is truly created.  Thus, we have access to a large network of capital including Banks, Alternative Lenders, Private Equity, Investors and other Private Money.

However, we offer more than just funding options.  We are your Dealmaker!  We will fight for you and find a way get the deal done as if it were our own. There are countless creative ways to structure deals.  In fact, each deal is unique and we have the skills and resources to find the path to making that deal happen.  You can Trust in Us!

Growth, Optimization, Automation & Outsourcing

This might be the thing we love the most.   Transforming engines into high-performing, self-sustaining machines.   We have experience in Six Sigma and are experts in Lean Continuous Improvement.   In the end, creating businesses that produce the most possible value to the customer and ultimately the owners while minimizing waste, costs and our clients' time, energy and stress is truly where we thrive.   We are yes people.  There is always a way!  And it's always through process!   Process determines results thus we perfect the process and we perfect the results!

However, this is more than just Business Consulting.   It's about planning and building an entire system of Passive Income Engines so that you truly Prosper!   And, this portfolio can and typically does consist of other engines such as real estate.    We just believe the right businesses make the best PIE's!